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Unemployment rate from vocational high schools (SMKs) in Indonesia is the highest, around 10% of all education institutions where the graduates are not fit to be absorbed by employment. Often times the problem is in the content, the SMKs cannot keep up with the technological advancements of the job market.

At the same time, there is a rapidly growing demand for talent in the ICT sector. This is caused by the rise of Internet penetration rate, the regulations on technology import to Indonesia and the effects of the global ICT industrie’s demand for new engineers.

Existing Solutions

This problematic climate has given rise to a multitude of expensive IT courses that are accessible to only a few. Some of those courses cost as much as Rp. 40M for 12 weeks. That is clearly inaccessible for most students let alone the underprivileged.

Our Alternative

As an alternative solution, Nordic Tech has designed an Engineering Sciences Scholarship Program to train students in the field of Informatics. This 9-month intensive program would see the student being developed in the field of mathematics, logic, and informatics. The scholarship cost per student would be significantly lower than any institute program on the market without sacrificing on the quality. On the contrary, with the in-house knowledge and existing program framework we can deliver education that will result in the employment of the student. This is also the goal of the program – enable employment of a student to an IT position after graduation.


Foremost, the effect of this program will deliver a sizeable socio-economic impact. This program is designed to provide an extremely valuable ICT education to the underprivileged and talented students of Indonesia which will result in the severe increase of their income after graduation. As the average income difference between a High School graduate (min. salary based on region is around Rp. 4M) and an IT position (~ Rp. 8M), the socio-economic impact of the scholarship would be significant.

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