At Nordic School of Technology we grow our teachers to become the next generation mentors, the teachers of the future.

When our teachers grow, our students grow and when our students grow, our society grows.

To the future, we go!

What makes us special?

We are passionate about building the future, working on the technology frontier and leading the digital transformation.

We believe in empowering people through education so that they could build their careers and build a better society.

High Quality European Curriculum

Our school curriculum is based on European tehcnology education standards and we are constantly updating it based on changing environment and needs. Working with our hiring partners, we make sure to be teaching for the future as well as local market needs.

Personal Growth &

In Nordic School of Technology we help you grow to become a better version of yourself. Our experienced team is here to support you – you will get a mentor based on your needs and interests to help you put together a personal growth plan.

Build your Career &

Nordic School of Technology is a fast-growing technology school. We are constantly growing our presence in different locations and adding new exciting courses to our curriculum. You can be sure that there will always be enough challenges and new potenital roles for you to take.

Flexible Working Time

We are here to help you with find the perfect balance between your personal life, career and hobbies. If you have other roles that you need to fill, you can also join us part-time schedule that best fits your personal needs.

Where You Fit In

We are dedicated to bring high-quality technology studies to South-East Asia. We believe in empowering the Asian youth to become the leaders of the future. We believe in helping our teachers to become the teachers that will lead the future leaders.


Grow With Us

Nordic School of Technology is a fast-growing technology school that is constantly growing its presence. Work in the location that best fits your needs.



Do You have what it takes?

Are you open-minded and willing to learn?
Passionate about teaching and sharing your knowledge with others?