Providing a unique curriculum and international staff we do not just teach our students programming but also make them think holistically about software engineering. Our 3-9 month curriculum is modular but aligned. It directs students to work in teams, follow agile development practices and develops analytical and algorithmic thinking.‚Äč

NST is the result of an international collaboration project between Rubiks Digital, a digital innovation group operating out of Europe and Emerhub, the market entry services provider in SEA region.

Nuke Amanda

Amanda has been in the higher education industry for more than 6 years. Having seen both sides of the organization she knows what it takes to sustain an educational institute and make sure our students are well looked after.

Abdu Wibowo

Abdu is a software engineer with a background in teaching mathematics and physics.

Dimas Utomo
Head of Marketing


Yonando Wibowo

Yonando has been a teacher in the tech industry for more than 5 years. An author of 3 books and extensive background in education he is now teaching in Nordic Tech.